Does technology kill thinking skills?

It is inevitable that at least a few of us will end up with a a student that just can’t get enough. A student that will drive you to distraction whilst trying to keep the content interesting and engaging. A student that will thrive on a challenge and find several different ways to answer a question. If you are lucky this said student will be willing to share those answers with you and even the class.

Below is a link to a website that offers a few open ended math questions you might be able to use as problems of the day or the week. Even a special take home challenges.

But my question is then what of those students that have never pondered over a problem? What of those that jump to Google without even considering the options? Do we not allow answers that use this type of problem solving? Do we actively discourage it/ encourage it?

Let’s not let the child who has struggled with their own thoughts be overshadowed by one who can type into Google.


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