Sir Ken Robinson Schools kill Creativity

A video I saw today recommended by another teacher
made me think about Sir Ken Robinson’s Ted talk titled ‘schools kill creativity’. I recommend you watch this. It runs for about 20min but it is likely to stimulate some deep thinking about the shift in education from being teacher centred and knowledge based to student centred and inquiry based.

I have never been creative. Until I stopped to reflect on the significance of developing creative thinkers I didn’t place much value on creativity at all. When our students will be looking for employment they don’t need knowledge (generally speaking) as the internet has levelled the field and knowledge is available to everyone. They have to have the skills required to think abstractly and reflectively. These are the skills we must focus on



  1. Reblogged this on ICT21STCED and commented:
    Excellent presentation by Sir Ken Robinson and totally agree with some of his views on the importance of creativity in children. The future is unpredictable and agree that “creativity is as important now at literacy”. As future educators our reflection of our pedagogical influence is crucial for assuring students capacities for learning innovation and interactive creativity are enhanced through ICT education. But we must also allow them to make mistakes, pick them selves up and let them use their creative thinking skills more often in classrooms today. The challenges for educators is ensuring we provide the right learning environment, tasks and allow students to make decisions, problem solve and then reflect on their learning achievements.

    1. I love the quote you have used, “creativity is as important now as literacy”
      Do you think there is still place for direct instruction when the current trends are to place the learner at the centre? Deeper conceptual knowledges are constructed by students when they are responsible for developing them. Must we allow them to construct everything and if not who or what decides on what this will be?

      1. Thanks. It would depend on the teachers own classroom management style and his or her own pedagogical approach with the students in class. Lets find ways to get students actively involved in more Science projects at school. I like the focus of Primary Connections learning which is based on science with literacy learning. Is ICTs going to enhance creativity in the classroom? Yes, but its the teacher who decides the boundaries of learning deeper knowledge and skills about creativity and making those crucial connections with less active participants.

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