Google Docs in the classroom

I know we are better off creating our own knowledge and making connections between what we have learnt and what we are currently learning. Aren’t some of the best memory enhancing programs based on giving a a rhyme or chant to a name in order o remember it? If we connect it we remember it.

Sometimes this brain of mine is so busy making connections there is little left when lower order thinking comes into play. You’ve all read those posts asking where something obvious is as the author is unable to find it. I am that author (it’s not hard to prove).

There are times when explicit instruction has a place. I would rather think about the bigger concepts and have a deep understanding than be able to list and locate.

I stumbled across the blog today that can help with organisation to fee up ‘thinking time’. Why work harder then we don’t need to.


There are some interesting ways to incorporate Google Docs in the classroom. I think homework distribution is the way to go. No more “I lost my homework” and no more waiting inline for the photocopier. 


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