Native, immigrant or lazy?

A post I read today linking a program with the terms digital native and digital immigrant had me thinking about the validity of the terms.

They are catchy and it’s easy enough to convince yourself of their validity. It is true that students in school now, have grown-up emersed in computer technologies. Has anyone asked their 2 year old how they managed to locate and open their favour game on an iPhone? It does pay to consider that even though we have not have the same level of exposure as the whippersnappers, we have managed alright. Hay even some pensioners can use video calling and email with the best of them!

Ask yourself this, if you had to take a test and your marks were to be plotted against those of your peers would you study? Perhaps you would throw the towel in because there would be students that have had more exposure to the content (they may have even engaged in course materials *gasp*). Or do you work hard at learning what you need to learn?

I see ‘digital immigrants’ as a cop out term and an excuse to throw the metaphoric towel in. I for one plan on rolling up my sleeves and learning. The younger generations have had greater exposure but with age comes; motivation, concentration, planning, perseverance, cognitive skills, patience, content knowledge, experience…………

Are you too lazy to learn?


One comment

  1. The terms digital immigrants and digital natives are becoming quite dated having surfaced around the dawn of the new millennium. It is not surprising that many people are doubting the validity of these terms or are trying evolve the concept in keeping with our developing understanding of the digital age. A quick Google Scholar search using these terms results in many articles debating this subject
    One article of interest is a follow up article from an early contributor into this debate extending his argument.
    I only wish I had the time to investigate some of these articles in detail, but alas that will have to wait another day.

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