Do we make enough time for original thoughts?

Today I felt like I was a bit too caught up in my ‘idevices’ to be in the moment. I had my son approach me to fly paper aeroplanes but I was too busy checking Feedly to hear him. When I offered a half hearted pardon he didn’t even have the desire to repeat it because he felt it was a pointless request.

Keeping in touch and up to date is important. This I am finding is even more so when considering my studies. But is it really all that important?

When did it get to the stage where I needed to schedule in ‘connection’ time with my children? It has become expected that we are contactable 24hrs a day. Do we really need to be?

Where is the time we need to ponder our thoughts and consolidate our ideas? Oh yeah thats right we don’t need to as we are able to scan through pintrest or google to use someone else’s thoughts.



  1. I was at the shops today and was somewhat horrified/amused to see those hire kiddy cars that had a tablet attached to it so the kids could ‘play’ while you shop… and don’t get me started on the selfies, video games, chatting on phone (while with family/friends) and other things going on in the food court! It’s part of Postman’s winner/loser ideas, having the ability to be connected and then being connected 24/7 sometimes people lose out on that ‘real time’ connections – I guess all we can hope for is to teach our kids and students is some balance and perspective.

  2. I have heard someone lecture their insolent teenager about this issue of disconnect. Making the point that people in front of you should be your priority. An actual conversation takes precedence over a text or an email.
    Interesting point to make and one I hope to pass on. Modern manners. I wonder what a modern finishing school would look like? I bet it would teach this!

  3. Yes. I agree are we getting out of balance with our heads burried in the sand? Well in our case burried in our i-phones to keep up to date with everything and who suffers most is our family relationships. There is a time to switch off the phone and say today is my day off or I am unavailable for 1 hour. I hope this encourages all the mum’s out there to enjoy your kids while they are young, before we know it they will be all grown up. Make a special moment to talk to your kids today.

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