Assignment success- before I even get my grade!

A fellow student had me reflecting on a recent assignment I completed and how I found it to be one of the most challenging and rewarding tasks I think I have ever completed. Big words right? It is indeed a big call.


The idea of assessment has been swept up in our current culture of standardised assessments and reporting such as NAPLAN. I think we however need to take a step back and consider the other side of assessment. You know the one that gets pushed into the cupboard when you have visitors arriving because you want to put on the best display you possibly can. This side of assessment is like  comfy jumper that is thread bare but does such  great job you keep coming back to it.

Assessment should not just be used as a measure of what has been learnt but a tool to support learning. Assessment for learning. That is what I experienced with my latest ICT assignment. I trailed so many programs and ideas that this alone boosted by capacity to navigate ICT. The assessment itself provided the learning. I was forced to move beyond what I could achieve with ease and step out into the wild unknowns of technological mastery.


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