Blogs provide purpose for student writing


After catching up on some much overdue reading of students blogs today. I was struck by the comments made by a fellow peer that proclaimed blogging is the new persuasive writing.

What an interesting perspective. In the age of NAPLAN and standardised testing that requires students to be able to demonstrate a specific series of skills at a particular point in time devoid of contextual understanding it is an idea with considering. Does the incorporation of ICT support student writing by providing editing and spell checker tools consequently boosting the quality of the writing? Or is it more to do with the conversational style that a blog embodies that enables learners to better express opinion and persuade readers?

In the classroom setting I hope to utilise a classroom blog to make writing purposeful and provide an audience for student work. We have to ask ourselves what the point of writing a piece of theft is that will only ever be kept closed tight in a dust book in the deep recesses of an abandoned old box of classroom memories, never to be seen again. A bleak picture but one that is not so far off the mark.

Here is a blog that is used for exactly this purpose. If you have time you should read these persuasive texts authored by year 6 students and possibly offer some support.


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