I have a dirty little secret..


I am a woman of few guilty pleasures. I do not drink or smoke and I am what would be considered as a low maintenance kind of gal. But there is something that I love to indulge in. Can you say Book Depository?

So when I came a cross a blog post Anouk’s blog post advertising a Scholastic $1 sale I simply HAD to have a look. For any others like Anouk and I this sale continues until the end of April. I like Anouk was very excited and I know you are too! Books and teaching resources are what excites me these days. Shall we say that I am pleased of the advent of ebooks! As we have already had to buy an extra 4 book shelfs since I started my degree (I have a home library that would rival some small school libraries), today’s contribution won’t take up my wall space.

Now to find the time to download and organise all the titles into year groups. So far I have k-2 and 3-6 folders for both English and math teaching resources. I wish I had started this earlier in my degree as finding materials is SO much easier when categorised like this. My only downer is I went so crazy that It would be impossible to be able to examine all of the new books properly. That I reason is where my categorisation skills come into it.



  1. LOVE IT! I have to share this on my blog aswell. I went nuts late last year as scholastic have warehouse sales where alot of their stock is 50%-70% off and if your school is registered they get ONE book for each book a parent purchases 🙂

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