Multiliteracies pedagogy, you said multi what?


There seems to be a common thred that runs throughout many of my fellow students blogs  (Fran and R. M. Hows) around multiliteracies pedagogy. Firstly about making technology available to all students on an equal playing field and also surrounding the way it is integrated into the classroom.

Cope and Kalanantzis (2000) in their widespread publications on Multiliteracies attempt to articulate the changes that technology is having on education. There are two major shifts in perspective that have come about from the rate at which technology has advanced. What was once an education system designed to meet the needs of students to work in industrial jobs no longer provides the same employment opportunities it once did. How can we expect to teach one diminutional literacy skills in a multidimensional world?

The other issue is the way these social changes have effect the content that is taught. Reading is no longer a developed understanding of  phonology and graphimes. Students need to be taught how to make meaning drawing from linguistic, visual, audio, gestural and spatial elements. Beyond this they also need to decipher the meaning that comes when these elements intersect.

So the two questions left to us as teachers are How will you teach the skills the students need and how will technology influence what it is that you teach?


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