Can you test creativity

My assignment grade has been released due to technical difficulties. The irony of this being an ICT based course and facing this issue is not lost on me. However as time passes (well aware that expected timeframe of a 3 week turn around for assignments is still manageable) I begin to question what I have created and what I have presented.


This particular assignment is one of the most challenging I have come across. Sure my technical skills have been push pulled and probed but to assess a students creativity? That is where true self doubt comes into play. A doubt shared by another Melissa Messenger who has also blogged on the frustration of facing an assignment brief that forces us to be creative. I took a chance and created AND PUBLISHED a book for this assignment. Check it out for free on the iBooks store!


Year Three With Mrs Carpenter

Creative, yes. Good grades……. well I’m waiting.

I hope to encourage my students to be creative but I wonder how I will be able to do this when everything we teach and assess is so highly regulated. Maybe they will teach me to be creative in the way that I teach them.


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