Our students MUST learn to be bored- Really?

I came across a blog today that whilst well intentioned I felt missed the mark. Comments were made about the need for children to learn to be bored. I understand the sentiment but feel the reasoning is flawed. ICT were cited as being detrimental when used ineffectively and to excess. So too may I point out is food. Does this then mean that we should teach our children to starve? Teaching programs, content and pedagogy have eve loved to make learning more engaging and effective. If i can include a variety of tools I will.

Some of my blogs in the past have focussed on gifted education and some of you may be familiar with my passion for this topic. The amount of times I hear “I’m bored” saddens me. Not the can’t think of anything kind of bored but the cold relentless ache from countless hours spent in dull uninspiring classrooms. I don’t feel children should ever have to ‘learn to be bored’. When is it ok to settle? When is it ok for a teacher to feel that this would ever be ok? Quiet reflection and time for thought is a far call from claims of boredom.

I fail to see why a child’s boredom would be advocated for. I never want my students to except boredom- in my classroom anyway. To just copy the list because drill is the only way I am going to teach. I want my students to be excited to learn. Sure I can’t make everyday a carnival but I can aim to peek the interest and imagination of my learners. I may not achieve this 100% of the time but I will never resign myself to my students needing to learn to be bored.


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