clash of two worlds

it was an enlightening experience for me during my 7th day at prac today. My mentor called a close on one of my lessons as she felt the students were not engaging in the lesson. Now I tend to disagree with this as they were excited and learning lots of information using Google to research a National Park of their choice. We had lots of discussion about what to look for and even had research scaffold sheets. One particular student commented on the way back tot he classroom that they had never learnt so much before in their life (a timid under achieving girl).

However as my mentor has a chalk and talk ethos the very idea of students discovering things by themselves seemed ludicrous. I am a little down trodden to be faced with a just give them a booklet to do response every time I make a suggestion of an exciting activity. Hats off to my mentor for having control of the class. They can read silently for 30min (yr 3) and sit quietly to copy from the board. I wonder how much they are learning or worse still how much do they actually like school or learning in general?

Experience isn’t always the only way. I hope I will be willing to try things differently when I am given the opportunity to host a student teacher.


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