ICT reflections from prac

Tonight I have begun to reflect on the ICT experiences I had during prac just as my fellow students begin to tred the same path. I have found it invaluable to read through the reflection of others. Whilst this list is not exhaustive it is the start of what will morph into the final assignment for my ICT course. 


I have found this process challenging and enlightening. It is a surreal feeling to analyse what you have taught. Are you so critical you can’t see and appreciate what has been done well or are you blinded by your ICT prowess that good pedagogy gets thrown out with the bath water?

A lesson for us all to remember is that even though we are approaching the end of our degrees we are far from the end of our learning journey. We can always do things to improve our teaching and should strive to implement new ideas. I feel it is also important to take stock of what we do well, even if this is just to have something to look back on after those really hard days when things don’t work out!



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