Skype is it the answer to extension?

I was apprehensive as I walked into the meeting with my son’s principal today. When you have children like mine (both profoundly gifted and one with aspergers) you tend to have lots of meetings with principals and teachers and support staff and district advisors, even the window cleaner or at least it seems that way.

I am pleased to report I left feeling excited and encouraged! My son has a keen interest in History- well medieval history and further then that medieval weaponry. Not subject taught in the depth he wants to learn about if even touched on at all in primary school (he is 9).


After a particularly hard patch with him quite upset about the boredom in school, at his request we started looking into the possibility of sending him to a high school for one lesson a week so he had at least one thing to look forward to. Not ideal I know he is very young but his entire life has played out differently to you ‘stock standard’ child’s.

Rather then being told it wasn’t going to happen and that he would need to learn to deal with it, the principal suggested we try a special mentoring lesson once a week where he would have contact on a one to one basis with a high school history teacher who has just retired and is looking at giving something back to education. His commitments mean he may not be present every week but it looks like Skype has been organised to occur when he can’t be at the school in person.

What an era we live in where technology opens doors for those who would have otherwise been left standing alone. Skype is but one of the amazing things that we can do if we are prepared to think outside the box.


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