peer learning

Peer learning at its best

I was fortunate enough today to witness the benefits of peer learning at its best.

I confess to dismissing peer learning as a means to assist the teacher and keep gifted students busy. We form our opinions based on experience. I have been biased. My son has, on more than one occasion in kindergarten (1st year of school in NSW) read the class the big book while the teacher marked. I could list many example of similar things however I don’t wish to debate this topic now maybe another day.

I wanted to share what I saw that made me change my mind. At a karate tournament today I saw a 10-year-old boy take the time to support his younger team mate and offer some pointers for the upcoming fight. It was clear the younger of the two improved. Vygotsky, right?

What blew me away was the benefit to the older boy at least in that moment. He stood taller. He was valued. He took pride in his fledgling. It was a real ‘a ha’ moment for me.

We are teaching so much more then we are able to assess. We are teaching little people to be better big people. WOW!