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Drill is not a dirty word

Reading a fellow bloggers post today saw me digging out an old activity i had buried away. It makes you think of all the possibilities out there.


I can’t believe that I am about to say this. Students do need time to practice skills. To an extent they need a level of ‘drill’ practice. This is a fun way to incorporate that type of practice. I have seen it also done with a colour appointed to each number and simple instructions to write the word in that colour.

I hope I don’t have to use look/write/cover/check in my classroom. Not when there are so many other more creative not to mention FUN ways to get students to practice their spelling.



making spelling fun

and available at the app store (for a small fee)Image

In my house since the start of term we have made an effort to improve the attitude of my son around spelling. Cold sweats, clammy hands, absolute refusal. These are the standard responses of a certain 7yr old when it comes to his look cover/write and check. Can you blame him? A child that struggles with writing being forced to continually do what gets jumbled up in his head. With no contextual purpose. Take note you too will have students like this in your classrooms.

So we checked out a few apps and have found one worth sharing. SPELL BOARD by PalaSoftware and available at the app store (for a small fee). https://itunes.apple.com/au/app/spellboard/id426858519?mt=12  Money i would spend over a thousand times. Spelling lists can be created using the words that are focused on for that week. The children or teachers can record the word and a sentence so the words can be heard in context. There are activities including, alphabetising, missing letters, word scramble and word search as well as the traditional quiz. Now what would way would you prefer to learn new spelling words?

This app is a must for lower primary classes and as the lists are customised it could be extended even past this.