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When did maths become fun?

I came across this today and wanted to share with you what I feel to be one of the best things about being a teacher. Giving students the chance to create their own understanding. I wish my maths teacher had taught like this. This video is a testament to the saying “seeing is believing”.

This program is available as an iPad app and I have it downloaded ready to explore. It could be a great addition to my prac lessons.


Discovering new tools

Oh where oh where have you been all my life!

Has anyone else said this lately? I am so excited to discover the ability to link my university library search with google scholar. *insert angles singing here*

All those hours spent cross checking only to be disappointed the content wasn’t available. Or worse, when it was available but you’d managed to copy the reference details wrong and had just spent the past hour looking in the wrong journal.

I was able to get the job done. However it only took a few words of instruction to make it SO MUSH EASIER.

I want to be that teacher. Not the one giving step by step instructions or how to guides but the one that allows my students to discover it for them selves. That feeling you get when you have learnt  new and valuable information is why I want to teach.